Crashed, Got Bored, Made a Blog

Crashed, Got Bored, Made a Blog

Last week I got to experience my first real cycling crash. It wasn’t that fun, but it was by no means a serious accident. I was treated to a good few cuts, some torn clothes, and a bit of a bump on the knee. In fact, I came out of it pretty well all things considered but it did mean that I wasn’t able to get out on my bike for a few weeks whilst I got over the whole knee bump thing.

Now obviously a couple of weeks off isn’t all that long, but they were unplanned and unwelcome weeks off which left me with not a whole lot to do; so it’s safe to say I’ve been pretty bored. And because I’ve been bored, I’ve been thinking, and unsurprisingly most of that thinking has been cycling related.

I’d consider myself to be a fairly strong rider; going off my last Time Trial effort my FTP sits at about 285W putting me at just a touch under 4.1W/kg. But I think in the past few months I’ve lost a little bit of focus with my training. There’s been no real structure to my rides and I’ve just gone out to “smash” it every single time, maintaining as high an average speed as possible. And up until now I’ve not really noticed any issues with that training methodology, after all I’ve still been gradually improving with each ride. But after having a little time to reflect on my past few months of riding, I’ve realised it’s just lazy training.

I’ve done next to no intervals, no hill repeats, no long slow distance rides, very few TT efforts, no cross training, nothing. I’ve just been going out and trying to ride fast, which is a pretty rubbish way of becoming faster.

So I guess this is where I write it all down as an attempt to motivate myself to fix up and get focused again, and get faster. If this was an X factor audition, it would be the moment where the violin music comes on and I tell my sob story.

The plan from here is to set myself a short-term goal, and with September and October coming around pretty quick, I’m going to set my sights on the hill climbing season. I had a go last year and did okay, considering it was my first year, but I’d really like to get some decent results this year. First and foremost I’d like to improve on all of my times from last time round, and it would be nice to get within the top 25%.

Over the next few days I’ll work out some sort of training plan that’s going to help me achieve this goal, and I’m hoping that writing it all down will give me an opportunity to reflect on my training and keep improving it.

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